10% Competitive Discount for CLOCKstep:MULTI

10% Competitive Discount for CLOCKstep:MULTI

We are coming up fast on the first anniversary for CLOCKstep:MULTI!  It has been an amazing year with the rapid pace of new feature releases.  We are proud to say that the architectural pattern in CLOCKstep:MULTI has withstood the addition of each new feature, requiring no major rewrites.  Significant features like:

  • 30 New Sync Rates
  • Latency Compensation
  • MIDI Command Quantize
  • MIDI Command Repeat
  • Metronome Swing
  • Up to 5 Configurable Analog Sync Outs

If you are just being introduced to CLOCKstep:MULTI, or you saw us once before and decided to wait, then we suggest it's time to take fresh look and discover how it has grown.

We are also offering a 10% Competitive Updgrade Discount, from now until July 4th, 2024, coinciding with the anniversary date of the first CLOCKstep:MULTI announcement.  You can take advantage of this discount if you have purchased ANY dedicated Master Clock device prior to 4/22/2024, including any version of CLOCKstep or a competing product.

To redeem, just send an email to support@jmkmusicpedals.com with proof of purchase and purchase date  (An emailed receipt, shipping notification, screen shot of an order history page, practically anything).  We will respond with a single use 10% discount code for your purchase of CLOCKstep:MULTI.

Thank you for becoming part of the JMK Music Pedals and CLOCKstep family!  There's even more in store for 2024.  Stay Tuned.

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