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Precise MIDI Clock and Analog Sync Box for MIDI, Eurorack and Modular Sequencers, plus Metronome Click Generator.

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It's About Time

CLOCKstep:MULTI is dedicated to one simple thing: Better and easier synchronization between gear and between musicians. There's no reason to be vexed over the many possible requirements for doing synchronization today. In CLOCKstep:MULTI you have a tool that was designed to be adaptable to a wide variety of timing needs.

  • Reliable Clock

    Add precise Clock and Transport control for your table top, pedalboard and eurorack gear. Send rock-solid MIDI Clock, Analog Sync and DIN Sync to digital, analog and vintage sequencers.

  • Metronome Click

    Send Audio Metronome Click to bring it all together with live musicians. Select the metronome's Interval Volumes, Swing and Time Signature options to match any desired groove.

  • DAW Sync

    Simple and effective synchronization of your computer DAW and external sequencer hardware. Sample Accurate Clock eliminates drift and excessive amounts of jitter and latency between them.

  • Automated MIDI

    At a critical moment, when your attention may be divided, automatically send quantized or repeating MIDI Commands, perfectly timed on a Bar Line.

  • MIDI Control

    Control CLOCKstep:MULTI remotely from any programmable controller or pedalboard footswitch by sending it discrete MIDI changes or Presets using its massive MIDI Input API.

  • Bridging Connections

    Pass any MIDI Message between USB and MIDI DIN in both directions. Creates a class-compliant 1x1 MIDI Interface on a computer or other USB Host.

  • MIDI Clock

    Send clock with precise timing, including using decimal point BPM values.

    Follow external clock on either the MIDI IN or Audio IN when the situation requires.

    Automatically switch between the role of Clock Master to Clock Follower with ease.

  • Analog Sync

    The 3.5mm patch bay can send up to five +5v Analog Sync signals, each with their own configurable sync rate.

    44 Sync Rates are available to choose from. Keep outputs in tight coordination, or let them spin off on their own for a bit of chaos.

  • Transport Control

    Basic Start/Stop/Pause operation is the default, but there are advanced choices you can make like Quantize and Resync.
    Or, let Clock and Transport operate completely independent from each other. You are in control.

  • Click Audio

    A dynamic click sound using your own preference of Quarter, 8th and 16th note intervals.

    Each Interval has independent volume and swing control for getting just the right feel.

  • Time Signatures

    Use Odd Time Signatures with either Quarter Note and 8th Note beat lengths.

    The beginning of each bar is tracked by both the Click Audio and any Quantized features.

  • Presets

    Don't be concerned with changing settings between songs or try to remember what the tempo should be.

    Save and Recall up to 40 Presets.

  • DAW Sync

    For the tightest sync with a DAW, send Sample Accurate Clock from the computer into the audio input to resolve excessive jitter or latency.

  • Latency Compensation/Offset

    Nullify any latency that creeps up between your external sequencers and DAW with positive or negative millisecond offset adjustments.

  • MIDI Remote Control

    Virtually every setting in CLOCKstep:MULTI can be configured using external MIDI control.

    Hook up any MIDI Foot Controller.

  • MIDI Quantize

    MIDI Commands that are passing through CLOCKstep:MULTI can be held in memory temporarily and sent at the top of the next Bar.

  • MIDI Repeat

    Capture and hold a MIDI Command once in memory and have it repeatedly sent at specified Bar intervals automatically.

  • USB Class-Compliant

    A 1x1 MIDI USB Interface can be established to your computer and serve as your system's MIDI Interface.

    MIDI can pass thru the USB and DIN/TRS MIDI ports in both directions.

Picture of desktop stand for CLOCKstep:MULTI

Optional Desktop Stand

This 3D printed stand is available only at the time of purchase of CLOCKstep:MULTI. The stand provides a 30 degree angle.

We're also making the .STL files free for download if you would like to print this stand for yourself.

  • Power Requirements: 9 volts DC max. 200mA Nominal.
  • Power Connection: 2.1 mm barrel, center negative
  • I/O: Audio (Sync In, Click Out), MIDI (DIN, USB, TRS), Control Voltage (3.5mm TSx7)
  • Protocols: MIDI, Sample Accurate Audio Sync and 0/+5 Control Voltage for Modular Synth/Eurorack.
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 3.65" x 1.72"
  • Assembled in the USA

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