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Sync Box and Metronome Click.  Supports MIDI Clock and other MIDI Real-Time protocols, +5v Control Voltage signals and External Sample Accurate Clock.

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Picture of MIDI Clock Ports

MIDI Clock

MIDI Clock and other MIDI Real-time protocols are a core part of CLOCKstep:MULTI. It can serve as a Master MIDI Clock to MIDI sync your entire setup, as well as being able to send, receive and pass data thru all available MIDI connections.

CLOCKstep:MULTI can even follow tempo from an external MIDI Clock (if you really need it to).

Read More about using a dedicated MIDI Clock.

Diagram of Audio Pulses being converted into MIDI Clock and Sync Signals

DAW Sync

The tightest MIDI Clock and CV Trigger Sync you can get from your DAW is by sending sample accurate clock.

By "striping" an Audio Track in a DAW with square wave pulses, or simply using a plugin, CLOCKstep:MULTI will receive that signal and generate accurate MIDI sync and CV clock out to other hardware, keeping them in tight sync with the DAW's timing.

Read More about Sample Accurate Clock.

Picture of CLOCKstep:MULTI Modular Synth Eurorack Patch Bay.

Control Voltage (+5V)

The 3.5mm output patch bay has support for a variety of Modular Synth Sync and Transport protocols.

CV Sync rates can be configured down to 1 Pulse Per Measure or up to 24 Pulses Per Quarter Note and many rates in between.

Transport commands such as Start, Stop, Pause, Continue and Resync are all possible.

Diagram of CLOCKstep:MULTI sending Click Audio to a recording Mixer.


Monitor the tempo of the song using a highly configurable Metronome and Click Audio output.

Choose from 16 different Click Sounds, Independent volume levels for Quarter, Eighth and 16th Notes, Triplet timing, and Time Signatures (or you can have no Time Signature at all).

Read about how Click Feel Matters.

Picture of CLOCKstep:MULTI User Interface


The backlit, colorful, soft touch buttons make every feature quick and easy to access.

Tempo can be tapped, or the exact BPM can be entered quickly using a 10-Key numeric layout, with support for up to 1 decimal place.

A deep MIDI Implementation exists allowing you to use any external MIDI Controller with CLOCKstep:MULTI.

  • Power Requirements: 9 volts DC max. 200mA Nominal. (power adapter included)
  • Power Connection: 2.1 mm barrel, center negative
  • I/O: Audio (Sync In, Click Out), MIDI (DIN, USB, TRS), Control Voltage (3.5mm TSx7)
  • Protocols: MIDI, Sample Accurate Audio Sync and 0/+5 Control Voltage for Modular Synth/Eurorack.
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 3.65" x 1.72"
  • Assembled in the USA
Picture of desktop stand for CLOCKstep:MULTI

Optional Desktop Stand

This 3D printed stand is available only at the time of purchase of CLOCKstep:MULTI. The stand provides a 30 degree angle.

We're also making the .STL files free for download if you would like to print this stand for yourself.

CLOCKstep Comparison

Form Factor Pedal Desktop
Master MIDI Clock
CV Trigger Sync Out
Audio Sync In
Follow Clock MIDI MIDI, Audio
MIDI Soft Thru
User MIDI Commands 250
CUE Commands
Full MIDI Control
Metronome MIDI Notes Audio Click
Time Signatures
Tap Tempo
BPM Decimal
Presets 300 40