Announcing CLOCKstep:MULTI - Synchronization Hub

Announcing CLOCKstep:MULTI - Synchronization Hub

JMK Music Pedals, the makers of the original CLOCKstep, are announcing a new member of the synchronization family:  CLOCKstep:MULTI

This new version of CLOCKstep tackles the complexities of bridging Sync and Transport communication between DAWs, MIDI Devices and Modular systems.

As a Master Clock, it will generate MIDI Real-Time messages and CV Trigger pulses.  Included are connections for MIDI DIN, MIDI USB, MIDI TRS, and seven 0/+5 Volt outputs commonly used by the Eurorack and Semi-Modular format.

A Line Audio Input can also be used to receive "Sample Accurate Clock".  This provides a solution for syncing external hardware to a DAW without the reliability concerns of having the DAW send MIDI Clock.

A Line Audio Output sends configurable Metronome Click and Time Signature rhythms, giving musicians a way to accurately monitor Tempo and Bars.

Pre-Orders are happening now through to the end of July at an Introductory Price of $189 USD.  Shipping begins in August.

Full Feature Set:

  • Internal Clock to drive MIDI, CV Trigger and Audio Sync Signals.
  • Follow External Clock from a Sample Accurate Audio source or MIDI.
  • MIDI DIN, TRS and USB Interfaces (including Soft Thru).
  • 3.5mm Patch Bay for +5 CV Trigger Sync (x2) and Play/Start/Stop/Reset.
  • Independent Trigger Sync Rates.
  • Five (5) Transport Modes that vary how the Transport and Clock interact.
  • Tap Tempo and BPM Keypad for entering precise tempos (up to 1 decimal point) and executing them at an exact instant. BPM Keypad can be used to view current BPM.
  • Audio Metronome Click with 16 sound options, dynamic volume settings between Quarter, 8th and 16th note, Triplet mode and Time Signatures.
  • A full MIDI Implementation for controlling all aspects of the device with external MIDI.
  • Preset Storage with instant save and recall.
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