CLOCKstep:MULTI Firmware 1.1.0067 Released

CLOCKstep:MULTI Firmware 1.1.0067 Released

Firmware 1.1.0067 has been released with the following:

New Sync Rates and Sync Lock

A new "Sync Lock" setting has been added to Global Settings. When Sync Lock is enabled (default), the Analog Sync Rates are constrained to the 14 original CLOCKstep:MULTI values, which correspond to standard musical intervals.

When Sync Lock is disabled, there are 44 possible Sync Rate settings, many of which are no longer associated to a shared downbeat.  See the chapter for Global Settings and the chapter for Sync Rates in the latest documentation.

Preset Updates

Installing this version will update your Presets automatically to preserve your prior Sync Rate selections.  Note that if you decide to downgrade from 1.1.0067 at a later time, the Sync Rate selections for each Preset will change.

Exit Button

The UI behavior has been updated to implement a consistent use of an "Exit" button. Most Views now require the lower right button to be held in order to return back to the previous screen.  The color for the Exit button is always Blue.

Button Hold Times

Button Hold times have been shortened from 2 seconds to 400 milliseconds.

Bug Fixes

Rebooting CLOCKstep:MULTI erased the "User Defined Sync Outs" selection stored in Global Settings.  This has been fixed and your selections will be maintained.


The Firmware can be downloaded from the CLOCKstep:MULTI Firmware page.

Updated documentation is available from the CLOCKstep:MULTI Support page.

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