CLOCKstep:MULTI Firmware 1.1.0069 Released

CLOCKstep:MULTI Firmware 1.1.0069 Released

Firmware 1.1.0069 has been released with the following:

Fast Nav

The new "Fast Nav" setting has been added to Global Settings.  When enabled, the UI behavior will work like it did in version 1.0, which performed navigation without the presence of an Exit button on every menu display.  With Fast Nav enabled, Exit is implied every time a menu selection in made.

Bug Fixes

Under rare circumstances, the Click Audio for a bar downbeat would rapidly send a series of clicks.  This began with the addition of the Swing feature and had no effect on clock timing.


The Firmware can be downloaded from the CLOCKstep:MULTI Firmware page.

Updated documentation is available from the CLOCKstep:MULTI Support page.

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