PLEXUS:4 Final Status

PLEXUS:4 Final Status

With a majority of the work completed, now's a good time to update you all on the status of PLEXUS:4 preorders.

Silk Screening Finished

Today, the final group of preorder enclosures have undergone silk screening and are currently curing on the drying table.  This was the final step for making enclosures.

Assembly and Packaging

Assembly has already begun and we'll be working hard to get your preorder out.  We have a high confidence that the units will begin shipping before June 15th.


Documentation will be published around the ship date.  We wanted to give a peak at the documentation a bit earlier, however some changes to the filters required us to hold back on completion.

Final Filters

The filters have been finalized and coded.  Thanks to those who gave their feedback, we are feeling really good about the usefulness of the filters available.  The full Filter list is posted on the main website, but here are the ones recently added:

Convert - Change messages on a given channel between Note, CC and PC, or block the message altogether.
Transpose - Transpose notes on a given channel in half-step increments.
System Exclusive - Block System Exclusive messages on a given channel.

Preorder Window Closes

The Preorder Window official closed on May 31st.  If you missed getting an order in, another batch of units will be in stock shortly.


Thanks once again for the continued support given and confidence you've placed in us!

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