New Free and Discounted Shipping Introduced Storewide

New Free and Discounted Shipping Introduced Storewide

We've been wanting to introduce Free Domestic and Discounted International Shipping for a while.  At the same time we are making some minor price adjustments that reflect rising component costs of the past couple years, we feel that now is the time to restructure our shipping policies.

Free Domestic Shipping over $199

Any order over $199 that ships to an address in the USA now has the option for FREE standard shipping.

Flat Rate International Express Shipping over $199

We are only able to offer free shipping domestically at this time, but we want to be sure that our International customers get a similar cost benefit.  So now, any order over $199 that ships anywhere else in the world has a FLAT RATE option of $19.99 (USD).  This will be Expedited or Express shipping by either UPS or DHL.  (Sorry, we can't do anything yet on this end about the Import Duties.  You will still be responsible for those in your country).

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